Happy New Year!

We here at Travel Tech hope you finished out 2017 with a bang, and it wasn’t your power supply going out.  We got some cool new technology we’re excited about playing around with for Christmas, how about you?

Now is a great time to call to get help with your new computer, tablet, smartphone, or other technology.

We can help unbox your new computer, set up your peripherals, and run through Windows startup settings to make sure your device is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  Need multiple user logins, password protection, an additional storage drive installed, or even file backup scheduling set up, we can do that!

One of the most common issues we see with new smartphones is email.  It can be a huge pain to sync your email across devices, or even manage multiple email accounts on an iphone or android device.  We can do that too!  From Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, even Exchange and Office 365, Travel Tech has you covered.

Did you get a new modem, wifi box, or router?  We can coordinate your devices so there’s no service overlap and multiple signals aren’t filling up your wifi bands.  Most AT&T and Comcast modems have pretty pitiful wifi coverage, so extending that with an aftermarket product makes a lot of sense.  We can coordinate the multiple devices so there’s only ONE signal in your home, providing consistent and fast coverage from corner to corner, and eliminating conflicting networks so you get the most power available.

Bring in 2018 with good technology that works for you – let Travel Tech help!

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