Raspberry Pi 4 – What’s New?

We were excited to get a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (plus) recently.  And, right on time, just after committing to this purchase, the 4 came out.  I’m still really excited about the 3 we just got, and already have it set up for an awesome retro gaming rig.  But, what’s new with the Pi 4 that’s worth the upgrade?

Straight out of the gate, let’s check the hardware specs –

While the processor is only boasting a 0.1 GHz increase, the A72 is actually over 3 times faster than the previous board, according to RaspberryPi.org.  With a faster GPU and choice of 1, 2, or 4Gb of RAM, this is truly an incredible update in hardware.  And, by staying true to Raspberry Pi’s founding principles of creating an affordable tinkerer’s chip, the price starts at their 7 year standard of $35.

Thinking about picking up a Raspberry Pi for some home or business computing solutions?  Looking for a media server, retro gaming machine, or even a minimal desktop platform, give us a call and we can help you set it up!  The Raspberry Pi 4 is even more capable than the 3 at all of these tasks, and we’re absolutely loving our 3 right now!

courtesy: www.raspberrypi.org


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