Switching Your Internet Service

We’ve had several customers call us with questions about switching your internet service, predominately in regards to retaining their existing emails.  What’s the verdict?

Here in Huntsville, the Big 2 internet providers are Comcast and AT&T (we’re not discounting you Google Fiber, but you’re too new).  Both of these services require that users create an email address as part of the process of account management; the email address is used for account recovery, bill management, and a point of contact for customers.  Customers can use this email just like any other account; but, what happens when you are no longer a service subscriber?  Does your email account go with it?

The answer is actually no.  Both Comcast and AT&T have protocols set up so that customers that actively log in to their service accounts can retain them as long as they desire.  Comcast wins the award of the two for ease of transition for customers; they just continue to log in to the same portal at comcast.net.  Simply put, just log in on your email address once within 90 days of closing the account and you’re good.  AT&T has a few more details, such as using att.yahoo.com, and the creation of a yahoo account that will then import your AT&T / Bellsouth / SBCGlobal settings, but fear not!  It can be done.  And best yet, both can continue to connect to your mobile devices, whether iPhone or Android, to check email on the go.

Issues with your email service or need a guide for the switch?  Call us!

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