Business Services

See how we can provide unparalleled service to your company:

Network Installation

Ethernet Wiring, Wifi Access Points, Shared Folders

With an office full of technology, having reliable and consistent internet access is extremely important. For existing businesses, we perform a detailed analysis based on your device needs, user load, and type of traffic that will typically be transmitted. This allows us to design an office network that is perfect for your company's needs, while keeping costs low. For new businesses or those with projected growth, we can develop a network that is able to grow with you, and your budget. With data solutions ranging from cat5 and cat6 ethernet lines, wired and wireless access points, and much more, see how we can boost your office's productivity and efficiency!

Managed Services

Fixed Monthly Costs, 24/7 IT Service, No Minimum Requirements

Why pay for a full-time in-house IT team, when you can outsource that role to us for a fraction of the cost? Our Managed Services plans can help your business more accurately budget for your technology maintenance needs. With a low fixed monthly rate, you can much more easily project costs instead of being stuck in the break-fix loop. With remote desktop support for most issues, we can get your computer workstation back up and running in no time. We don't charge a markup on equipment, and pass those savings on to all of our clients. This is just another way we are adding value and support.
With no minimum or maximum coverage numbers, we can perform monthly Managed Services for as few as one desktop computer system.

Data Storage / Backup

On-Site Backup, Scheduled Maintenance, Redundant Systems

A business of any size has a need for data management and storage. Let us manage it for you! We have a wide variety of solutions to fit a variety of data storage needs. From physical on-site backup, redundant drives on a centralized workstation, or even a cloud solution, we have a unique and personalized answer for your data storage needs.

Computer Peripherals

Printer / Scanner Connectivity, Software & Firmware Updates

There's no such thing as just a computer these days. With scanners, printers, VPNs, virtual machines, plotters, and all manner of other peripheral technology, there is a massive flow of data into and out of computer systems. We can help make sure that all of these peripheral items can see each other and work optimally. Tired of trying to hunt down IP addresses for wireless devices that just refuse to be found? Let us help!

Remote Monitoring

Off Peak-Hours Maintenance, Instant IT Support

With our remote service and remote access platforms, we can log into your systems at more optimal times for routine maintenance - namely when your employees aren't using them! This is one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your IT service needs to us - you're not paying an employee overtime to stay after-hours or spending valuable work time with additional unnecessary coordination. We can automate tasks as well as remote in directly to oversee system updates, software updates, run routine system cleanup tasks, and more!

Cloud Backup

Encrypted Transfers, Off-Site Secure Storage

Redundant file storage, such as off-site secure storage solutions, is the ideal way to ensure that your data is always accessible and protected. Just having in-house backup isn't enough; in case of theft, natural disasters, or other things that can damage an entire office infrastructure, unfortunately your data will go with it. By using Cloud backup services, we can have your systems back up and running with the latest iterations of your data much more quickly. These solutions are great for testing and troubleshooting data as well; our cloud backup solution doesn't penalize different versions of the same file against your total storage allotment, meaning that you can roll technology back to specific milestones.

Local And Nationwide Service

As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider and Dell EMC Partner, we can provide exceptional and outstanding service to you from around the globe. Our partnerships allow us to offer savings on computer equipment like Dell workstations, and software such as Microsoft Office 365 Business. With the technical support and know-how to fully set up, install, and deploy all the equipment you’ll need to use them as well, we are your one-stop shop for increasing your business’s efficiency and technology.