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Store your data safely and securely off-site

Data backup and storage is a critical component to maintaining your computer systems. Most companies utilize some sort of on-site solution, whether it's an external / redundant system, or simply a duplicate hard drive in the main server. This is a great practice, but what happens to your data when the unthinkable happens - your building is struck by lightning, catches fire, floods, or other acts of God? Is your data still protected?

By utilizing a Cloud backup system, your sensitive data is protected completely separately from your office systems, providing both a level of backup redundancy and physical security.

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Cloud Backup

Local And Nationwide Service

As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider and Dell EMC Partner, we can provide exceptional and outstanding service to you from around the globe. Our partnerships allow us to offer savings on computer equipment like Dell workstations, and software such as Microsoft Office 365 Business. With the technical support and know-how to fully set up, install, and deploy all the equipment you’ll need to use them as well, we are your one-stop shop for increasing your business’s efficiency and technology.

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