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Computer Repair

Travel Tech is the only company in Huntsville that ONLY comes to you! We specialize in getting problem PCs back up and running with minimal downtime, hassle, and cost. Whether you've gotten infected by an email by accident or had a hard drive crash, we can help! Our diagnostic tools can quickly and efficiently identify problem hardware or software that is not working correctly. We have years of experience in getting to the root cause of issues. We will even make sure your drivers are up to date!

Travel Tech Quick Classes

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Software Installation

What good is a computer without software? We can ensure a smooth installation process that will have you up and running quickly and efficiently.We check all software we install to ensure compatibility, speed, and efficiency. In addition, we intall all updates or patches so the software you're using is the very latest version.

Social Media Help

Social Media is an excellent way to keep in touch with loved ones, near and far. The process of getting set up with an account can also be very daunting for someone unfamiliar with how the different platforms like Facebook and Instagram work. We can help!Travel Tech can help get you online with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We can help set up new accounts, walk you through uploading photos and videos, and even update your profile settings to protect your content and personal privacy.

Custom Computer Builds

We have over a decade of experience in building advanced custom computers. With your budget and performance requirements in mind, we do the research and legwork to build the best system available. Systems with multiple graphics cards and multi-core CPUs are no issue! We guarantee hardware and software compatibility, and will replace any defective components at no cost to you. We strive to resolve any issues with your computer as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Computer Speed Up

We have years of experience with getting maximum performance out of older machines. Sometimes, all it takes is a tune-up! Why replace your computer when we can help it run better? We have many options at our disposal to make your older computer run like new again.

WiFi & Networking Setup

WiFi networks are prevalent in many homes. But, with the plethora of devices, it can be confusing trying to get them all on the same network. We can help troubleshoot all the wireless connections in your home to make sure that every device is able to connect seamlessly. Having WiFi in your home can be unbelievably convenient; let us help you unlock the full potential of a home wireless network!


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