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Social Media is the wave of the future! We not only help, but patiently explain your platform of choice in a way that YOU understand how it works, and feel confident in making posts and connecting with friends.

Social Media is an excellent way to keep in touch with loved ones, near and far. The process of getting set up with an account can also be very daunting for someone unfamiliar with how the different platforms like Facebook and Instagram work. We can help!

Travel Tech can help get you online with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We can help set up new accounts, walk you through uploading photos and videos, and even update your profile settings to protect your content and personal privacy. Need help creating a business or group page? We can do that too; we'll even help generate unique graphics and content to help make your page something unique and that you'll be proud of.

Blogging can be a very fun and rewarding hobby, and a great creative outlet for many. However, getting started with a blog page such as Wordpress or LiveJournal can be confusing and overwhelming. We are fluent in web languages such as HTML and CSS, and can help create a blog and customize it to suit your specific needs and unique personality. Setting up and explaining the process of blogging so that an average user can understand how it works is our specialty!

At Travel Tech, we take pains to make sure that you understand the platform that you're using, and feel confident with making posts and updating content. Some companies may make you feel rushed with just addressing a specific item you need help with - not here! Social Media interactions should be fun and rewarding, and we aim to help provide that experience for all of our customers.


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