WiFi & networking setup, and smart device connections



  • WiFi Modem / Router Setup
  • Printer / TV Connections
  • Signal Strength Tests
  • WiFi Extender Installation
  • Smart Device Connections
  • Network Security Settings

Your home WiFi network can be a powerful system for connecting all of the smart devices in your home. We can make sure everything connects smoothly in every room.

WiFi networks are prevalent in many homes. But, with the plethora of devices, it can be confusing trying to get them all on the same network. We can help troubleshoot all the wireless connections in your home to make sure that every device is able to connect seamlessly.

Having connection issues? Give us a call. Most modern WiFi devices are powerful enough to manage many connections, but there are also several common issues that can cause connection problems. We can look at all the devices you want to connect, and streamline your hardware installation so that they are all able to work together. We can even program some devices to use different gHz settings to minimize interference. While having a wireless printer is a great feature, if you can't get it to work then it does no good. We can fix that.

Is your neighbor stealing your internet? We can reprogram your WiFi network names and security settings to ensure that your speed is not suffering from having a public connection. We will also ensure that all of your devices are updated to the latest changes so everything works.

Having WiFi in your home can be unbelievably convenient; let us help you unlock the full potential of a home wireless network!


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