Managed Services – What Does it Mean For Your Company?

We’re exceptionally excited to launch our Managed Services product package, and just can’t help bragging on what this can do for businesses!We have partnered with Solarwinds, one of the premier tech companies to offer a full suite of Managed Services and remote IT services for businesses.  While that may sound fancy, what exactly does it mean?

With this new platform, we can offer 24/7/365 active monitoring of your computer workstations, connected devices, and network.  With our remote network service, we can remotely deploy software updates, computer fixes, even upgrade Windows installations!  Scheduled maintenance is a breeze, as we remotely manage disk defragmentation, file cleanup, and backup services.  And even better, offer on-the-spot training for software or miscellaneous user-directed troubleshooting, right on their home screen.  With two-way chat and even file transfer services, there really is no doubt that this is the easiest and most efficient way to manage your businesses IT service needs.

With these remote service offerings, we can provide great service to clients across the US and all over the world!  And, our automated services eliminate the reliance on a person to ‘remember’ to service each workstation.  Want to minimize computer downtime during business hours?  No problem!  All of our maintenance and computer management services are performed outside your working hours.  Don’t ever have to worry about paying your IT support tech overtime for after-hours work, or have your productive employees brought to a halt as their computer repair needs are being met.

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