Computer Security

When we think about computer security, it can be sometimes be a daunting prospect.  With the inter-connectivity of all our modern computer devices, wireless peripherals and networks, it can be overwhelming when you think of all the ways ‘something’ can gain access to your PC.  Continue reading “Computer Security”

Snowed In! Now What?

We may not be as prepared for the snow here in the South as other areas; as we’ve seen in the past few days, memories are vivid of the Snowpocalypse from a few years back that shut down Atlanta for two days.  Businesses all over Huntsville have been closed this week, schools cancelled class, and people all over Madison County left their jammies on to enjoy being homebound.  With such a great opportunity for some guilt-free computer time, all of a sudden – the worst happens and your computer crashes.  What do you do? Continue reading “Snowed In! Now What?”