Audit Your Backup Solutions

The single most important detail to your computer system setup, behind the actual workstation hardware, is how you’re managing your files.  Data loss events are going to happen – the question is, what are you doing to limit your file loss risk?  Call Travel Tech for a free file backup audit!

With all the components that go in to a computer build, computer network, and office tech environment, there are an increasing number of pressure points that can fail, and cause catastrophic data loss.  Even something as simple as a power outage with systems that are intended to stay on all the time can corrupt and damage file systems.  Especially vulnerable programs like Quickbooks Pro.

There are a number of different solutions that can be tailored to any given network, to protect and backup your important files.  Most if not all of them can even be set up for automatic backups!

We recommend that a redundant series of backups be set up for mission-critical systems.  Individual workstations can back up their files to a centralized server, which is also set up to back up THOSE files to an external drive.  In this case, triple-redundancy can ensure that critical files can be accessible and used with minimal system downtime.

Windows 10 even comes with built-in computer backup solutions that are robust enough to allow you to select a specific hard drive to be used for backups, individual folders, schedule backups, and determine how long those backups should be held before they are deleted or overwritten to keep from filling up the drive.

We’re offering a special deal to new customers, residential and business – let us perform a free backup audit of your system!  We can help identify critical files and folders as well as your most vulnerable systems, and develop a tailored solution that can keep your computer systems running!

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