Why Call For In-Home Computer Repair?

A few decades ago when computer hardware began going more mainstream, whenever it caught a virus, crashed, started running slowly, or lost data, the only recourse you had was to unplug your computer and head straight to the computer repair shop for repairs.

This was rampant, not because in-home repairs weren’t available at the time, but because it was relatively cheaper to have your computer taken to a repair shop than to bring hire the service of a repair technician at home. Also, the amount of expertise required to conduct in-home assistance by a computer repair technician is high, and as a consequence, sophisticated support was only accessible to large-budget businesses. That was decades ago, and the technology environment has changed, for the better!  Now, even businesses are outsourcing their IT needs to companies like ours, that can provide remote IT support as well as on-site help.  This doesn’t just benefit businesses – you can now benefit from business-level IT support for your home computer and network!  Here are a few reasons why it makes more sense to have us come to your home to fix your computer issues:


Talking about computers, moving them from one place to another can be daunting, especially if you are using a desktop computer. First, you have to crawl under a desk unplugging wires, hoping you’ll remember the right series of wires to plug back when you eventually repair your computer. If you pass that step without being electrocuted, then you have to bring the dusty computer out into the heat, rain, wind, or whatever weather the day is. Then the worst part, which is giving a stranger access to delicate data that could be private. What about getting the computer back home and discovering that the fault was not completely resolved?

Better Price Option

Over the past five years, things have changed considerably for the better. These days, opting for in-home computer systems services is cheaper. The hourly rate has dropped significantly for skilled computer repair engineers, altering the playing field between in-home and in-store IT support services. What used to be the biggest benefit for the physical existence of a computer repair shop has, in fact, transformed into its greatest liability. The high operating costs of leasing a physical storefront prevented businesses from competing in old-style computer repair. As a consequence of enhanced operating costs, lease, electricity and other limiting factors, physical computer repair stores have to pay more for computer repair services just to cover unnecessary overhead. In-home service providers prevent these overheads by operating remotely and we even get to cover wider geographical regions. This is why our prices are so competitive!

Quicker Fix

I am sure you are well aware that you are not the only customer that a computer repair technician has. And you cannot go to a repair shop to sit down to ensure that your computer gets fixed. You have to be on the queue and you just have to be at the mercy of the technician. But when it’s in-home, you’re sure it’s going to be fixed there and then. In the rare case that more time-consuming repair is needed, our technicians have a wide variety of common computer hardware that we bring, ready to install. Also, your capacity to communicate face-to-face with your computer repair technician provides you the benefit of understanding precisely how your computer works.

More Efficient

In addition to merely solving the issue, a technician in your home or company is there for your benefic, and is accessible to answer questions, clarify what’s wrong and work with you–not just to solve one issue, but several issues on one single trip. If your original problem is fixed, you’ll probably have time to fix three or four more problems you wouldn’t have thought about otherwise if your computer was somewhere else in a backroom. When you experience preventable issues like malware and viruses, an in-home service provider is there to help you cannot only help you remove it, and he can provide specialist instruction and guidance on ways to safeguard yourself in the future.


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