Is your computer running slower and slower?



  • File Cleanup
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Software Patches
  • Driver Updates

A slow computer can be very frustrating! We can help address many issues that can cause a lag in your computer's performance.

We have years of experience with getting maximum performance out of older machines. Sometimes, all it takes is a tune-up!

Cleaning up excess files as well as temporary storage used by Windows can make a large difference. We know how to empty the temporary files caches Windows uses that can slowly build up and cause speed issues, as well as update software and drivers to the newest versions.

Upgrading computer memory or other components can have a drastic effect on your computer's performance. We can identify bottlenecks in your system and upgrade those components for immediate performance improvements! From adding a stick of RAM to a new processor, we can do that!

Do you feel like just starting over? Sometimes, the best course of action is to just wipe the slate clean. As you use your computer, legacy files and errors can start building up in storage, causing lag and hard drive space issues. We can backup your important files and then reformat your hard drive, getting rid of those lingering pesky programs that you don't use or need. Then, we reinstall a fresh copy of Windows and restore your documents; it's almost like having a brand new system!

Why replace your computer when we can help it run better? We have many options at our disposal to make your older computer run like new again.


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