About Travel Tech

Our passion is computers. From the voodoo required to make an early Nintendo system work correctly, to figuring out the cords and connections needed to project a laptop onto a TV in the late 90's (remember s-video?), we have been tinkering and tweaking technology to find solutions to a myriad of problems for years. That experience is what led me to found Travel Tech, and bring our solutions to your home. Our passion is getting your computer back up and running- and saving our customers time, headaches, and especially money with simple and efficient solutions. No issue is too large or small!

Travel Tech is built around the idea of providing a service just like a plumber or electrician. If your garbage disposal or dishwasher stops working, you don't take it in to be serviced; why should your computer be any different? We are able to look at all the variables involved with your computer needs and what may be causing the problem, which just can't be replicated in a shop. By addressing your computer issues in the environment in which you use it, we can fix multiple problems in one call, which saves our customers time and money. Additionally, we are able to keep our costs low by reducing the overhead required to maintain a storefront; those savings are passed on to our customers!

We pride ourselves on building and maintaining relationships with our customers; our business is built on word-of-mouth from satisfied clients that have thought highly enough of us to recommend Travel Tech to friends and family. There is no higher compliment!

- Ben Crow


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