Get wired ethernet drops for lightning-fast internet service

Wired Network Installation

We are now offering wired network installation! Wired ethernet is the fastest and most trouble-free way to get high-speed internet where you need it. We can install cat5 or cat6 cable drops cleanly and professionally from your attic, above-ceiling space, or crawlspace.

Our professional equipment allows us to install ethernet line wall drops with clean, finished wall plug covers that will look like they came with the house!

Why ethernet line drops? As great as Wifi is, sometimes you need the reliability of a wired network line. We frequently see this with computer gamers, doctors and professionals with home offices, and others that rely on the high transfer speeds, consistency, and reliability that cat5 and cat6 ethernet drops afford.

We've installed network drops for businesses all over Huntsville and Madison. If your company is expanding and you need connections for new computer workstations, we can help! Additionally, wired access points with Wifi transmitters can help expand your network's reach for laptop users in conjunction with workstations. For networks with power-over-ethernet (PoE) equipment, we have a solution that's the best of both worlds; partnering with Ubiquiti, we can now offer ethernet wall outlets that serve as wireless access points, providing wifi and wired coverage office by office.

Our reliability and customer service are why our one-time customers become repeat customers. That's the Travel Tech difference!

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As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider and Dell EMC Partner, we can provide exceptional and outstanding service to you from around the globe. Our partnerships allow us to offer savings on computer equipment like Dell workstations, and software such as Microsoft Office 365 Business. With the technical support and know-how to fully set up, install, and deploy all the equipment you’ll need to use them as well, we are your one-stop shop for increasing your business’s efficiency and technology.

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